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Instructor AXSOS Academy

in Ramallah - full-time

Vacancy description

AXSOS Academy is searching for a skilled, committed instructors to teach and support its students. You will actively train them programming and web-development to a class beginner learning Web fundamentals, Python, Java and MERN stacks, as well as the best practices of software development.

Your duties will also include running discussions on various topics (Web fundamentals, Python, Java and MERN stacks). We will be providing you with the training materials to prepare lectures, in addition to listening to the cohorts, and supporting the TA (teaching assistants).

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About AXSOS Academy

In coordination with the Palestinian Prime Minister's Office, AXSOS Academy will be the coding bootcamp of Palestine. Based in Ramallah, this bootcamp will accomplish in 4 months what most Universities in the world fail to deliver in 4 years: market ready software engineers experienced in the world's favourite internet programming language.

Your responsibilities

  • During the week, you will teach programming and web fundamental, Python, Java and MERN to a class beginner, as well as the best practices of software development.
  • You will run a lecture on various topics (Web fundamentals, Python, Java and MERN). We will give you slides and videos to prepare your lecture.
  • You will help students on their coding challenges. Most of the time, students will be autonomous (when they read challenge's instructions, try to understand what they must code and implement a first solution). Still, they will need your help when they don't understand an error or some important concept.
  • You will make a live code to correct new challenges with the class projecting your screen on the wall.

Your profile

  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Enthusiastic and value-driven.
  • Committed and available to work full-time.


  • You have +3 years of experience in working with one or more of the three stacks (Python, Java and MERN).
  • You are very comfortable with the command line, git, Github and technical workflows used by developers (branches, pull requests, code review).
  • You are passionate about teaching code and explaining concepts to others.
  • You have natural leadership.
  • You like clean code and refactoring but are also a pragmatic developer who loves to get things done and develop useful product with clean user interface.
  • You have a good knowledge of front-end development (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and user-interface design and can follow the best practices of atomic design to build user-friendly web applications.


AXSOS sees itself as an IT company with an intercultural approach. AXSOS follows a philosophy that is more oriented towards values such as individual know-how, proximity, trust-building and humanity than towards technical standard solutions. It is therefore a company that defies norms and conventions, goes its own way and assumes social responsibility.

AXSOS AG offers a comprehensive full-service portfolio of IT security, IT infrastructure and custom development.

AXSOS AG was founded in 2009 and has offices in Stuttgart, Solingen, Dettingen/Erms, Ramallah, Jerusalem and Thessaloniki.

For more information please visit www.axsos.de

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Your contact person

Mr Mahmoud Abusalameh


Ougarit building, 1st floor, Al-Irsal Street
Al-Bireh Ramallah

+970 2 2988350